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Self Challenge



The Trident

A form of Evil Ux/Ui Design: with the goal aimed to sell more premium rooms and newsletters 

Goals and Solutions

Goals for this project were given to me which were to sell more premium rooms and have more people sign up for the company's newsletter by the use of Evil(dark) UI/UX techniques such as pop-ups or in my case consideration of marketing funnels to get people to sign up for a newsletter for a 20% off on premium rooms to sell more rooms out to the consumers.  

Part of this project was to design a newsletter sign-up page and attempts to promote more premium rooms. The fastest and straight to the point way to solve this problem is to offer up a deal to get customers to upgrade to premium rooms but to do so they need to sign up to the newsletter solving the problem to get more people on the newsletter.

The Trident's Web Pages

Each website is geared to make decisions and clicks simple to get the customers from point A to point b with ease and with little to no confusion. That is until the Effects of Dark UX/UI to get people to sign up to the newsletter or to get more premium rooms sold by any means and accomplish goals set out by the project challenges.

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