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Mendoza Mitigation

The Honor Badge:

This Last logo is called The Honor Badge, Why? Well, it is more of a government-run company logo. (a competitor  could have) I created this to brand your identity to a very professional government look. Your Marketing materials will show the professionalism of a high standard forward leading company. 

The Drip:

The Drip came from a modern minimalistic approach to how your brand identity could be. Your Identity if you choose this one could be a minimalist viewpoint but it will be so clean on all marketing materials.

The Flow of Water:

This logo option is one where it tells a story like the flow of time so does the flow of water. The Logo shows the story of what happens to a home. a drop of water and then water flows out when it floods. this Identity could be fun and very organic in how it is present on all marketing materials

The Trident

The trident logo was made for a website project of mine meant to be for a luxurious hotel with a specific brand identity in mind. The goal for this logo was to aim for a mix of luxury and play off the name of the hotel by the ocean. The hotel branding then goes on to have a few more details of which the logo makes more sense as a whole brand identity.


The Allfather logo is for an entrepreneur to make his debut in the fashion industry with various street and sports lines of clothing. Most of the questions within the questionnaire given to this client were not answered and the client gave more direction of what he was looking for. giving me the font to start with and the idea of having an all-seeing eye. Using elements from the font it's self I was able to create an idea for the client and from there took off from there.

Chris the Barber

This logo is for yet another entrepreneur looking to become the best barber anywhere in town.  The client was asking for a bold and creative-looking logo with the tools of his trade to push the look of a man of his craft willing to go above and beyond to give his customers the cut they deserve. His branding has gone to the next level with marketing deliverables and social media postings of his work to further gain customers. I further continued to gather information from my client to see if I could be of help to his vision to then quote him for the work for example an animated version of his logo for video purposes still in the process.


Each logo was handcrafted from start to finish with the client's branding in mind. The logo process consisted of a questionnaire for the client to me with the many ideas of which they wanted to have a logo created for them. The first steps were hand-drawn logos to then be completed by pushing pixels around to being place in these letterpress mock-ups for viewing purposes. 




Various Clients

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